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Run additional programs (CBM-FileBrowser)

CBM-FileBrowser is a program launcher that easily surf and run programs stored on any drive.
It runs programs for any Vic-20 memory configuration (unexp. / +3K / +8K or plus) and cart images without any config file.
Even it may work with "classic" drives (1541-1571-1581 / etc), you get the best experience along with modern SD-Card based drives (uIEC, C64-SD, SD2IEC, MMC2IEC).
If you use the C64-SD+ITS Module you may load TAP files too.
It is capable to detect and use SJLOAD for Mega-Cart that speedup access to any JiffyDOS drive (SD-Drives too).
If you use these drives, it's strongly suggested that you install SJLOAD BASIC for Mega-Cart.
How it works:
LOAD it from any memory configuration and RUN.

After launching a program, It may auto-restart (without re-load) even if you switch off your Vic-20, just hold CBM key on boot/reset (or select VIC +3K) and type SYS1150.

Please note that if you launch a 3K program, you must reload the FileBrowser.

Download for old revisions:*
CBM-FileBrowser v1.6 for Mega-Cart (Zip file)

* Added to the Utilities section from revision 20 (November 2010).