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May I use Mega-Cart's NV-RAM?

NV-RAM is exclusively used to store favorite items, settings and all other Mega-Cart preferences.
It is also used to play the menu background tune and other minor menu functions.

This information is retained even when the Vic-20 computer is powered OFF for up to 100 years.

NV-RAM is not accessible to the user for the purpose of saving high scores, files or other things.  Because there is a small free portion that is reserved for possible future use, access to NV-RAM disabled by default.

Since in some unforseen rare case a program might accidentally enable NV-RAM access and overwrite vital information, a periodic backup is recommended.

Read this article from the tips section for further information on how to backup preferences and this article to learn how to restore preferences from disk.

Remember that it is always possible restore the default factory settings.  Read this article for further information.

Note: There is one exception. The Tape/Disk game "Tetris+", uses a specific portion of the Mega-Cart's NV-RAM to save the best scores table.