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JiffyDOS drives speedup (SJLOAD)

SJLOAD boost speed access to disk drives with JiffyDOS ROM and also to new SD-Card based drives (uIEC, C64-SD, SD2IEC, MMC2IEC), it speed-up LOAD, SAVE and OPEN for both PAL and NTSC systems.

From revision 20 it is full integrated on Mega-Cart and it is automatically used from CBM-Command and Disk Copier utilities and from the new External Boot feature too, you may also select it from the SOFT RESET menu to use it with any memory configuration, unexpanded, +3K, +32K.
If you prefer you may just hold keys F2, F4, F6 on boot to automatically start the Vic-20 respectively, unexpanded +3K or +32K with SJLOAD active.

To automatically speed-up specific utilities (EasyLoad+ and CBM-FileBrowser) and generically to add SJLOAD support for all previous Mega-Cart revisions you may install the SJLOAD BASIC version, it is a special SJLOAD version for Mega-Cart that resides on NV-RAM IO2/3 area that could be easily used from any memory configuration with just a SYS call, there are 2 distinct versions for PAL and NTSC systems and it speed-up LOAD only.
Please note that there is just one Mega-Cart version for both PAL and NTSC systems but you need to install the proper PAL or NTSC version of SJLOAD BASIC if you want to automatically speed-up EasyLoad+, CBM-FileBrowser or to add SJLOAD support for all previous Mega-Cart revisions.

How to install:
Load the proper program (PAL or NTSC) and run (It will take about 10 minutes, just once)

How to use:
To manually activate SJLOAD speedup for "Jiffy" drives, from basic prompt type SYS40000 (for VIC+32K+3K or VIC+3K configurations) with any other Vic configuration type POKE40320,0:SYS40000

To get the best SJLOAD experience just use CBM-FileBrowser for Mega-Cart, it will auto-detect and use SJLOAD and surf directories of SD-Card based drives as well as classic CBM drives easily and quickly by loading programs for any Vic configuration, unexpanded / +3K / +8K or plus or cart images and all without any configuration file.

SJLOAD08 BASIC version for Mega-Cart (Zip file).