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How to use the Mega-Cart as a "simple" memory expander.

It is possible to use the Mega-Cart like a memory (RAM) expander without the need for dip-switches to select different configurations.

For example, if you want to load an 8K game just select VIC+32K.  If later on you want to load a 3K game just reset and select VIC+3K.  For unexpanded games/programs you may select VIC UNEXPANDED.  This is all done through the Mega-Cart's menus, without the use of dip-switches.

It is also possible to configure the Mega-Cart so that when you reset or switch on your Vic-20 you can directly access a menu that will allow you to select which memory configuration you want to use (including unexpanded mode).

In order to always show the memory configuration menu on boot, you need to hold the "4" or the "5" key while booting.  Take a look to the Memory expander page for further information.

Whatch this tutorial video too.