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How to use the Mega-Cart in "Kiosk" mode.

Mega-Cart includes a "Kiosk" Mode feature that can restrict access to all menus but one the you specify.  For example, you may wish to restrict use of the Mega-Cart to CARTRIDGE GAMES only.  Additionally, by selecting the QUICK MODE option you can have games start instantly when chosen (hiding the EARLY MENU ADD/DELETE feature).

Here is the procedure:

- Hold the "CTRL" key and switch on / reset the Vic-20.  The Mega-Cart Service menu will appear.
- Select the QUICK MODE option (if not present you are already using the QUICK MODE).
- Hold the "1" key and reset the Vic-20 again.

Now the Mega-Cart will operate in "Kiosk" Mode and you can quickly start any games inside the CARTRIDGE MENU.

You may revert to the standard navigation (making all menus available) by holding the "0" (zero) key on boot, or by selecting the STANDARD MODE option from the Service menu (Hold the "CTRL" key on boot to enter to this menu)

Take a look to the Boot Keys page for further info.