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How to start a protected rom Image.

The Mega-Cart contains all currently known cartridge games, but if any other are discovered in future and its file image is protected you may use it as well.  Here is the procedure:

From the Normal Reset menu select VIC +32K
(The Vic-20 starts with 32K so any block can be used to load the cartridge image, normally it use just the BLK 5.)

Load the file image by adding ",1"

If the cartridge uses two file images then type NEW and load the next file image:

Now the file image/s is/are in memory.  To prevent ROM protection and BLK 1 issues start it in this way:

Reset the Mega-Cart

From the Normal Reset menu select VIC UNEXP.(32K R/ONLY) 

Now the file image(s) automatically will start without any problem (ROM protection and/or BLK1 issue)

If the "cartridge" does not use a file image for BLK5 you need to type the proper SYS command.

This procedure can be used to load any cartridge file image even if it is unprotected or doesn't have BLK1 issues.  By the way, in this case after the file image(s) are loaded, to quickly start the ROM for BLK5 you may perform a Vic-20 soft reset by using this command: