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How to select a tune from a data disk

The Mega-Cart is able to use additional tunes loaded from a data disk that you may download here, to select a tune from a data disk, use this procedure:

- Switch off the Vic-20
- Insert the Mega-Cart
- Ensure the disk-drive is connected
- Insert the floppy disk containing music files into disk-drive
- Switch on the disk-drive
- Switch on the Vic-20 while holding the SPACE key
The Mega-Cart music selector should appear.

To select an additional tune from data disk just press F3

Please note that the Mega-Cart checks for an external disk-drive on device numbers 8 to 15 (in this sequence) in order to load the additional tunes, so if you use (for example) drive 10, please disconnect or switch off drives 8 and 9 first.

 Watch this tutorial video too.