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How to restore preferences

If something went wrong or you want simply to restore your settings after some testing, you may restore your preference from a floppy-disk when you previously have made a backup.

Please remember that the preferences contain such settings as your favorite items, custom Early startup menu items, filters (Categories, Publisher, System, etc) plus other things.

You cannot use the datassette but just an external disk-drive on device numbers 8 to 15, this is the procedure:

- Switch OFF the Vic-20
- Insert the Mega-Cart
- Connect the disk-drive
- Insert the floppy disk with the "MC-PREFS" backup file to the Drive
- Switch ON the disk-drive
- Switch ON the Vic-20 by holding CTRL key

Now the Service menu should appear

- Select "READ PREFS"

The Mega-Cart automatically restore preferences from the "MC-PREFS" file on the floppy-disk.

Please note that the Mega-Cart checks for an external disk-drive on device numbers 8 to 15 (in this sequence) in order to load preferences so if you use for example the drive 10, please disconnect or switch off the drives 8 and 9 first.

Once the restore process is successfully finished, the Early Startup menu comes up automatically with backup settings otherwise a proper error message will be displayed.

Watch this tutorial video too.