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How to hide the menu and start just a specific tool/game.

Even if using the Mega-Cart you may choose from hundreds of software titles, sometimes you may want to use just a certain tool or play with just one game for a while (maybe to set the new Hi-Score) and you don't want to navigate the menu to select that game/utility and his Vic-20 memory configuration.

There is an easy solution for this request:

Select the Game or the utility from the proper menu

If you select an utility, select the Vic-20 memory configuration too
(If you use the QUICK MODE option, you cannot set a configuration but a common proper configuration will be used)

Now hold the "6" key and reset the Vic-20

Now each time you switch on or reset your Vic-20, the Mega-Cart always starts this game / utility by using the selected memory configuration for utilities.

You may revert to the standard navigation by holding "0" key on boot, take a look to the Boot Keys page for further information.