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How to clear preferences and restore default factory settings

In case of a problem, or you if you simply want to delete your settings quickly, it is possible to clear all preferences and restore the Mega-Cart to default factory settings.

Please remember that the preferences contain such settings as your favorite items, custom Early startup menu items, filters (Categories, Publisher, System, etc) plus other things.  So, when you clear preferences you lose all these settings!
Firstly, you need to enter the Service menu.  In order to enter this menu, hold down the CTRL key when you turn ON or reset the Vic-20.

Next, select "RESET PREFS".  The Mega-Cart will restore default factory settings and open the Menu Music selector screen that allows you to select a favorite menu tune.

Once you have selected the menu tune, the Early Startup menu comes up automatically with the default settings.

Watch this tutorial video too.