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How to backup preferences

User preferences are automatically stored in the Mega-Cart’s Non-Volatile RAM and retained (for up to 100 years!) even when the Vic-20 computer is turned off.  Because preference settings are unique to each user, and because in some rare case a program may also overwrite this information, a periodic backup is recommended.

Please remember that the Mega-Cart preferences contain such settings as your favorite items, custom Early Startup menu items, filters (Categories, Publisher, System, etc) plus other things.

Mega-Cart preferences may be saved to a  disk-drive on device numbers 8 to 15.  It is not possible to use a datassette to save Mega-Cart preferences.  To save save your preferences, follow this procedure:

- Switch OFF the Vic-20
- Insert the Mega-Cart
- Ensure the disk-drive is connected
- Insert a formatted floppy disk with at least 2 blocks free in the
- Switch ON the disk-drive
- Switch ON the Vic-20 while holding CTRL key

The Service menu should now appear.

- Select "SAVE PREFS"

The Mega-Cart will now automatically save your current preferences to a file named "MC-PREFS" on the floppy-disk.  If the file already exists, you will be asked if you want to overwrite it or abort the operation.

Please note that the Mega-Cart checks for an external disk-drive on device numbers 8 to 15 (in this sequence) in order to save preferences, so if you wish to use (for example) drive 10 please disconnect or switch off the drives 8 and 9 first.

Once the backup process is successfully finished, the Early Startup menu comes up automatically, otherwise an error message will be displayed.

Watch this tutorial video too.