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Help screen

From anywhere within the Mega-Cart's menus or sub-menus, you may access the Help page by pressing F1. 
The Help page shows the keys that can be used within each menu and provides a brief explanation of each key’s function.

There are some keys that have the same behavior in all places:


Go to the Help Page
Set Music ON or Mute
  or Go to the previous page
Go to the first page
or  or Go to the next page
Go to the last page
Move the selection bar up or down
Go back to the Early Startup Menu or the locked menu selected with 1-6 boot keys
Select Item/Function/Filter according to the current menu page

Alternatively, the joystick can be used to move the selection bar up or down and to go to the previous or next page.  The fire button is used to select an item, function or filter according to the menu you are in.

In the Download section you can find an handy Vic-20 keyboard overlay by Brent Santin that shows all common menu keys.