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Do I need to remove the cartridge to load my games from disk/tape ?

The Mega-Cart is not merely a "simple" multicart.  You can also use it as a Vic-20 memory expander/unexpander with a turbo-disk function too if you want.

The easiest  way to start the Vic-20 in plain, unexpanded mode without removing the Mega-Cart is by holding the F1 key on boot. By using this function key the menu will be skipped and you will see a "regular" unexpanded Vic-20 screen where you may perform any operation as if no cartridge was plugged into the expansion port at all! If you need a Vic+3K just hold F3, for a fully expanded Vic with EasyLoad+ (disk turbo-load) just hold F7 on boot [1].

The Mega-Cart also has a handy menu that allows you to select the memory configuration you want the Vic-20 to automatically start with.  Just hold down the "4" or "5" key on boot and from then on your Vic-20 will always start in this menu mode (until you hold "0" on boot to return to the normal menu).

For further information please check the Memory expander page.

[1] Even if you start the Vic-20 fully expanded, EasyLoad+ is able to "fast-load" any program with any memory configuration (even unexpanded programs).  Please check the EasyLoad+ site for further information on this extraordinary utility.