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This is a video of the very first Brian Lyons "6502dude" Mega-Cart demo at the TPUG (Toronto Pet User Group) meeting on April 19, 2007, courtesy of Paul Quirk (a.k.a. "DigitalQuirk").

Note that in this video the cartridge is simply called the Vic-20 "Multi-Cart" as in this early stage it didn't yet have a menu system, RAM expansion and all the other "Mega" features:

Below you can see Mega-Cart prototype #1 close up as shown at the C4 expo 2007 (Cincinnati Commodore Computer Club)  It is a first revision without memory expansion and preferences saving:

A new Mega-Cart #1 revision with preferences saving, music and other features was shown at ECCC 2007 (Emergency Chicagoland Commodore Convention).  To the right Leif Bloomquist "Schema" can be seen enjoying the Mega-Cart:

The first Mega-Cart demo in Sweden was given by Anders Carlsson.  It was the latest prototype #1 revision.  At right is a Mega-Cart prototype #1 demo video, please note that in current Mega-Carts the menu items have a different order:

Below is a photo of Mega-Cart prototype #2 during Brian Lyon's demo at the WOC 2007.  Unfortunately the Vic-20 provided for the demonstration didn't work properly so the audience only saw the main menu.  At right is a a video of Mega-Cart prototype #2.  Please note that that the current Mega-Cart uses a different item order in menus:

Below are photos of the final Mega-Cart prototype with finished label and box artwork as shown at the WOC 2008.  All went well this time! To the right is a still shot from the cool demo by Brent Santin "Ral-Clan" and Anders Carlsson "Carlsson":