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Filter screen

By pressing F3 while in the CARTRIDGE, TAPE/DISK or UTILITIES sub-menus you can enter Filter screen, here you can select which games/utilities you want displayed in a sub-menu based on various parameters.


PUBLISH. Filter items by specific publisher or all (not for tape/disk)
CATEGORY Filter items by specific category or all (not for utilities)
SYSTEM Filter items by specific system, PAL, NTSC, BOTH or all
ARCADE Filter arcade/non arcade items or all (not for utilities)
PADDLES Filter items that use/don't use paddles or all (not for utilities)
FAVORITE Filter favorite/non favorite items or all

You may mix any of these filters, for example if you wish to display your favorite Commodore Adventure games just select Commodore publisher, Adventure category and Favorite YES.

Like for favorite items, setted filters are stored on Mega-Cart Non Volatile Ram and retained when power or computer is off.

In addition to common menu keys you may use these keys too:


Reset filters


List of publishers:
  • Any Publisher
  • Academy
  • Atarisoft
  • Beyond
  • Boone
  • Broderbund
  • CBS Soft.
  • Comm.Data Sys
  • Commodore
  • Creative
  • Daedalus
  • Epyx
  • Handic
  • Hes
  • Imagic
  • Koala Tech.
  • Machine Lang.
  • Micro Sys.Dev
  • OEM
  • Parker Bros
  • Reston
  • Romox
  • Sega
  • Sierra
  • Sirius
  • Spectravideo
  • Supersoft
  • T.G. Software
  • Thorn Emi
  • Tigervision
  • Tronix
  • Tymac
  • UMI
  • Xonox
  • [None]
List of categories:
  • Any Category
  • Adventure
  • Beat'em Up
  • Board
  • Brain
  • Breakout
  • Collect'em Up
  • Educational
  • Gambling
  • Maze
  • Miscellaneous
  • Platform
  • Racing
  • Shoot'em Up
  • Snake
  • Strategy