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Favorite items

You can flag your favorite items from the CARTRIDGE, TAPE/DISK and UTILITIES sub-menus. Favorite items are highlighted in red and have a check-mark beside them.  It is possible to filter these items in the list. The Mega-Cart has the ability to automatically store your favorite item settings in its internal Non-Volatile RAM (for up to 100 years even without power).  Because in some unforseen rare case a program could overwrite this information, we suggest that you occassionaly backup your favorite items to a disk by using the SAVE PREFS function in the Service Menu.

Read this article on the tips section for further information on how to backup you preferences.


How to select favorite items:

From the CARTRIDGE, TAPE/DISK or UTILITIES sub-menus just press the CBM (Commodore) key to set/unset a favorite item.  Doing so will displayed that item in red with a small lateral flag (check-mark) beside it.  Red items are favorites, blue items are not.

How to filter favorite items:

Once you selected some favorite items you can easily filter these games/utilities using various methods.  The simplest method is to press the F2 key when browsing the CARTRIDGE, TAPE/DISK or UTILITIES sub-menu. By pressing F2 you immediately show only your favorite items within the current sub-menu.  Pressing F2 again will show ALL items within the sub-menu.

Please note that if you have previously filtered items by Publisher / Category or any other type of filter your favorite items will only be shown a sub-set of the previously conducted filter.  That is to say, filters are cumulative.

Another way to filter favorite items is to access the Filter screen by pressing F3.