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Welcome to the world of Mega-Cart - the ultimate cartridge for your Commodore Vic-20!
The Mega-Cart's incredible selection of auto-starting games and handy utilities, coupled with its software-configurable RAM expansion capability, will provide you with hours of fun and discovery. Yet, despite the immense power and complexity "under the hood" of the Mega-Cart it remains easy to use because of the intuitive all menu-driven selection system.

The Mega-Cart is a modern product born from the collaboration of the Denial Vic-20 Community.

It is a multi-purpose cartridge for both PAL and NTSC machines that allows you to play all known cartridge games released for the Vic-20 plus a selection of some of the best games released on tape or disk.

It has a built-in reset button that allows you to return to the startup menu without having to switch your Vic-20 OFF and ON.

The Mega-Cart also contains extremely useful utilities for programmers and users and (last but not least) it provides an easily selectable memory expansion that can be disabled too.

It is really easy to use, no switches are required and a menu system is implemented to select any game, tool or function.

Watch the demo video and also the photo gallery !!!
Mega-Cart: the cartridge you plug in once and for all.

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